I'm Chinyi Pam,
a Front-End Developer ,
a Wilderness Photographer
based in the lively city of Taipei, Taiwan.
Good to see you!

# Code Challenges

I knew that if I was going to succeed at learning to code, I would need to apply knowledge as much as possible. Every day, I devoted to build something from what I learned, below is a list of websites I made lately, some took a couple of days to complete. A total of 50 challenges.

# About

Who are you

My name is Chinyi Pam, on the web I’m known as PamcyNickname, a self-taught Front-End Developer with a passion for learning new things. In a former life, I began my career in digital marketingExperience 1 and product managementExperience 2 at a start-up, then I found out Front-End by chance in a company 6 months ago, because I liked to build things, it was great for a beginner to be able to see the results of code on screen. The more I learned, the more interesting the web became and so I fell deeply in love with it ever since.

Learn by doing

I started learning things like HTML, CSS and Javascript, it’s a wonderful thing that there’re lots of resources to teach you how to code on the web, platforms like CodeSchool, FreeCodeCamp, Udacity, EggHead and even on Youtube ChannelResource 1, I’m surprised by how everyday there’s at least one good quality video tutorial worth watching. BTW, I particularly enjoy courses from Wes BosResource 2, pretty high quality materials, the real stuff I learned to build is really fun.

I spend most my time on mornings and weekends improving my coding skills, when I got stuck I’d find myself reading solutions from Stack OverflowResource 3 or tutorials on other blogsResource 4 to try and debug my problems. There are also some of my favorite web development related articles and resources which I subscribe to, so that I can only focus on those carefully curated lists delivered to my inbox every week, they’re keep me being on the lookout for new things all the time. Look at the list in the sidebarResource 5 if you’d like to follow.

I’ve spent a great deal of that time consistently moving my craft forward, my philosophy has always to continually practice and learn. I love what I do, I’ll be happy doing it for the rest of my life.

How was this site built

This is a One-Page Mobile First website I built hosted on GitHub Pages, everything here are HTML, CSS and JSSkill 1. Without the aid of framework, it’s 100% responsiveSkill 2 based on FlexboxSkill 3. I Stored all my coding challenges as JSON, retrieve data and display it on the pageSkill 4, then with MixItUp library for animated filtering of search results. Formspree is a great option to integrate contact form into my website, it acts as ‘action’ attribute and forward the form data to my email.

Anything not related to the work

I’m an #EarlyBird #DigitalNative #ProductHunter #KindleLover #GermanSpeaker #Backpacker #WildernessPhotographer #TaiChiNewbie

Outside of work, I’m into bushwalkingHobby 1 like it’s my civic duty, carry my camera and follow unknown animal tracks as a citizen scientist that lead to nowhere. I also love to play basketballHobby 2, one of my wishlist is to head to Oracle Arena to catch the Golden State Warriors100% love NBA team vs. San Antonio Spurs90% love NBA team games live.

# Contact

There is a wish to get me involved in some creative work or co-work? Or you just want to say hi? Feel free to drop me a line anyway. You can also find me doing little experiments on Codepen, learning new techniques on Github or sharing news on Twitter.

Chinyi Pam

Hi, Pamcy

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